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I offer Intuitive Angel & Soul Readings. They are a perfect way for you to connect with your Soul, Higher-self, Angels and Guides; to access a different perspective, wisdom, insight & guidance, in regards to yourself or situations in your life.

It is an open channel for your Soul, Higher-self, Angels and Guides to connect to you through me, to deliver the very messages to help you on your path. They want nothing more than for you to be your true self and live your purpose.

They will be honest and unconditionally loving and will help you in recognising and healing the very things that may stand in your way of the life you envision. If….this is what you choose. Every individual has a team of these divine beings surrounding them, willing to jump in and help at any time. They love you so unconditionally and will not intervene unless you ask them to, they respect your free will and your choices.

The readings I do are done via online video conferencing (Zoom), email or face to face at expos. I use Angel Cards and Oracle Cards as a tool to connect. I am the conduit that relays the information that is presented to me through the cards and Clairvoyance - clear seeing, Clairaudience - clear hearing, Clairsentience - clear feeling and Claircognizance - clear knowing.

The reading will always give you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know, but will always be for your highest good. Often it will authenticate the things that you already know in your heart. As humans we have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for validation because we do not trust our inner guidance and what we feel.

I am really passionate about helping you strengthen and tune into your own intuition and guidance, from your Soul,  Higher-Self, Angels and Guides, so that you may learn to have faith and trust in yourself and know that the universe has your back. I want to help you become more aware of the presence of these Divine Beings in your life, so you will never feel alone and know you are always supported.

Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, My Soul, My Higher-Self, Angels, Guides, and Intuition have played a huge part in my life, they were all instrumental in getting me to where I am today. Every time I wanted to give up, I would be sent signs to stick at my chosen path and they have helped me to see my challenging situations through the eyes of love and compassion - so that I can heal and experience inner peace. I have been able to trust my intuition and really start to heal some very deep-seeded emotional traumas, with these card readings and divine beings’  healing help.

If you are open to connecting with your soul, higher self, team of Angels and Guides why not Book a Reading with me. 

With Love,